Friday, 29 April 2011

AC/DC members will appear "Live at the River Plate" film

AC/DC members will appear to their "Live at the River Plate" film in London.

While the group have no plan to perform live tour in 2011, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd will appear together at the London premiere of their concert film.

Part of the show 32 live cameras and HD 2009 Black Ice Band tour will see expanded audience was shot, but the film also gives a clear history group.

UK premiere for example, four double-decker buses in which the size is around a party's largest ever screen will appear.

The guitarist Angus Young has recently claimed that he always stayed true to his hard rock roots are.

He said: "We've always stuck to that hard edge thing, and we've kept that all the way through.

"We haven't drifted off into different things like disco or raps. We haven't tried to take on what's the latest thing."

Saturday, 2 April 2011

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd with rock group

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd with rock group, from a New Zealand judge canceled after the basis that with this band in the world can stop from traveling to the appeal of hemp Was a punishment.

Rudd, 56, that his legal name, was sentenced under Philip Witschke Tauranga District Court in New Zealand in December 250 (U.S. $ 190) dollars was fined after police said they a local Marina 27 grams of the drug found on his boat.

Thursday's appeal lawyer Craig Tuck Rudd said he and his adult life with the band's ability to travel abroad will have a significant impact for most of the punishment of such / DC members, very few Gulf Times reported.

The lawyer said that some of these countries, especially Japan, Canada and the United States will limit the ability to enter.

Believe a substance without a 'fair and just result' that they and only two previous drug convictions on his record traffic matters date back to 1986 and 1987 will be used.

Tuck said, 'My client may be 56, but he is as motivated to be involved in the industry as he ever was. I ask you to allow him to continue his stellar career.'

Asked in court that in the future to visit and make music for games was likely to want to continue, Rudd said, 'For as long as I'm still alive.'

Actually hearing the birth of Australia for Rudd spent nine months in 2009 traveling the world with AC/DC's concerts from 400 million New Zealand dollars a share in earnings and was said the previous nine months At least 20 countries entered.