Wednesday, 29 December 2010

AC/DC 2010's Top Concert Draws

Bon Jovi was the world's top concert attraction in 2010, despite a soft market for live music and weak sales for the band's most recent album. The New Jersey rockers sold $201.1 million worth of tickets through the year, with sales split almost evenly between shows in North America and the rest of the world. The tour currently ranks as the 9th highest grossing in the history of the North American market.

Other top concert draws for 2010 included Metallica, Michael Buble, the "Walking with Dinosaurs" arena show, Paul McCartney, the Eagles, and Roger Waters' production of The Wall. Waters' staging of the classic Pink Floyd album came in second place for the North American market, selling $89.5 million worth of tickets for 35 dates.

Bon Jovi posts the highest grossing world tour of the year, followed by AC/DC, U2, Lady Gaga and Metallica. The New Jersey rock group gained the title after topping the $200 million mark worldwide, earning $108 million from its North American world tour dates alone, according to figures released Tuesday by Pollstar, the concert-tracking publication.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Australian hard rock band AC/DC

Singer 'Perfect Day', she is known about her version of pop songs she said, I’d consider singing a track by the Australian hard rock legends, whose typical lyrical themes include loose women, drinking and hell".

According to the newser spokeman, "What about AC/DC, Australia's biggest rock band? Could you ever do a cover of their songs?"

Susan 49 years old said, "You want? You got, let's move. No problem, come on lads, I'm ready when you are. I'm headbanging as well."

She did take the band's songs 'Ballbreaker', her song ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ has sold over seven million copies, by the Rolling Stones her sing a version of ‘Wild Horses’.

She said: “For me, it's not about album sales or chart positions. It is that the people buying my music are enjoying it. I don't want it to end and I want them to keep enjoying my music."

AC/DC are the famous rock band in Australian which their sales album at least 200 million. His second biggest album for selling 'Back In Black' and he is also famed for their guitarist.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Rock AC/DC Family Jewel Exhibition

THE AC/DC band remember to open in Darwin today may have been described by former front man Bon Scott. In Darwin as part of its national tour the AC/DC Australia's Family Jewels exhibition has stopped.

The item of this Jewels exhibition more than 400 items which including videos of concert and music, sweaty and smelly T-shirts worn on stage by the band, An Angus Young SG custom model Gibson electric guitar from 1992 also including in the exhibition.

For Those About to Rock tour cannon from 1982, Young's stage costumes including a red silky devil kit from 1975 and a blue velvet school uniform from 1988.

At the Museum and Art Gallery in the free exhibition runs until 27 February at 9am to 5pm in weekdays and 10am to 5pm weekends and public holidays.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

AC/DC Star Treated Unfairly?

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is speaking out about the situation.Following his conviction for cannabis possession in a Tauranga, New Zealand court Wednesday morning.

Rudd believes he is being treated unfairly by authorities who convicted him for possessing 27 grams of cannabis.

"Give me a fair go," he told SunLive during an interview at his home Thursday. The offence was discovered by police when they executed a search warrant on Rudd's launch at the Tauranga Bridge Marina on October 7.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

AC/DC Trading Cards 'Postponed Indefinitely

AC/DC trading cards, which were due for release on or around November 24, have been "postponed indefinitely". According to ACDCzone, Press Pass has issued a notice on its web site.

A message on their web site from November 17 reads: "We regret to announce that the AC/DC product has been postponed indefinitely. We will let you know if the situation changes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us."

Dubbed "AC/DC High Voltage", the product was supposed to feature the following:

* 100-card base set (24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack) takes you on a journey from AC/DC's Austalian beginnings through the recent "Black Ice Tour".
* Subsets based on some of AC/DC's best-known songs, including "It's A Long Way To The Top", "Back In Black", "Thunderstruck" and "Rock 'N Roll Train".
* Foil inserts: "We Salute You" and "On The Highway to..."
* Autographed memorabilia

Saturday, 13 November 2010

AC/DC Wins Award

At the 6th annual Marshall Classic Rock Roll Of Honour awards ceremony organized by Classic Rock magazine at London’s Roundhouse,AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Slash, Rush and many others were honored at the awards ceremony

In this award ceremony AC/DC was also named Band of the year, which is a great honor for them and they must feel proud of there performances and entertainment they had provided throughout the years to there fans

We congratulate AC/DC for this award and to named band of the year

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

AC/DC’s Back in Black Named #2 Australian Album

"The 100 Best Australian Albums", a new book titled.This Book ranks the best releases by Aussie artists in rock history.Authors Toby Creswell, Craig Mathieson and John O’Donnell have jolted 100 albums from the past 50-plus years and ranked them in order.

In the final list, AC/DC’s legendary 1980 album Back in Black came in at #2. The full list includes the name of the many famous acts from down under, including INXS, Men at Work, The Bee Gees, Crowded House, The Avalanches and Kylie Minogue.

“It wouldn’t be a good list if it didn’t polarize people and we hope that this list will,” co-author O’Donnell said in a statement. “We also hope that it will get people sitting around comparing their favorites and discovering or re-discovering these great albums and others. With 70 years of loving and writing about Australian music between us, we shamelessly believe we've earned the right to write this book. And we think we've got it right. Let the debate begin."

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

AC/DC Think Are External Adapters

AC/DC think that the external adapters for OEM applications. Value Series (VPU Series), producing 10-60 W output power, meets all standard safety ratings as well as ENERGY STAR® levels.

In various form factors designs are available, including desktop, wallmount, and complementary AC plug models, with outputs rated from 5-48 Vdc.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Book Coming September to AC/DC

AC/DC rock band will be getting their legacy on print come early this September. By journalist Jake Brown the book was put together who has had access to exclusive interviews and information from engineers, producers and everyone else who had a hand in the recording of some of rock musics most righteous, heavy and memorable jams. AC/DC themselves also great never before announced information of these boys. The book will be entitled AC/DC In The Studio: The Stories Behind Every Album and according to Ultimate Guitar News as well as a press release is fit to be:"the definitive account of the making of the greatest hard rock anthems of all time," The book is due out via John Blake Publishing on September 5th and covers the behind the studio accounts and stories behind every album in the AC/DC discography from High Voltage to Black Ice.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Surprise hit AC/DC

AUSTRALIAN fast bowler Doug Bollinger was bemused by the revelation that England's batsmen were being blasted with AC/DC tunes to force them to focus harder on the bowling in the practice nets at their indoor cricket centre.
The Ashes tour to help prepare, at the indoor center the temperature is increased quite a few uncomfortable degrees to simulate Australia's summer conditions. England have also imported from the US a high tech batting machine that replicates any bowler's action.
But their choice of music surprised Bollinger most of all.

''I don't understand it,'' he said with a hint of a grin. ''I don't like AC/DC, so I won't be singing any of their songs (to the English).''
The paceman described his current tour of England - which resulted in a one-day series loss to England and a drawn Test series with Pakistan - as a learning curve. He said the biggest lesson was to expect Ashes mania. Also, competition for a spot in the attack would be fierce.
''We tried to concentrate on the series, but it was hard to escape the Ashes because everyone was hyping it up over there,'' he said. ''I'm focusing on the Indian series to ensure I get a game in the Ashes. Competition is tough - we have so many good bowlers. Ryan Harris is coming back (from injury). Peter Siddle is as well.
''Everyone has to be on top of their game, and that's good because it means we'll all have to work harder.''

Friday, 23 July 2010

Classic Albums To AC/DC 'Back In Black'

Back in 1979 a little known, Gateshead born singer called Brian Johnson was performing with his band Geordie while suffering from appendicitis. Rolling around on the floor in agony and screaming before being wheeled off stage, the gig was watched by enthralled AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott who thought it was part of the show. At the time, AC/DC were riding high on the back of ‘Highway To Hell’, their first album to make an impact in America, and finally, after five years it seemed the band were on the verge of major commercial breakthrough. But less than a year later, Scott was found dead in a car after choking on his own vomit on a night out in London. Soon after his death, AC/DC hired Johnson as their new singer.
It’s debatable how many bands could lose their singer and return with not only their best record to date, but a record that would come to define the very spirit of rock ‘n’ roll itself, that would become a benchmark for other bands to aspire to aim for, but never better. ‘Back In Black’ is of course this album, and having sold over forty five million copies worldwide, it’s the second best selling album of all time, second only to Jacko’s ‘Thriller’.
A tribute to their late singer, despite being born out of grief, ‘Back In Black’ explodes in a testosterone fuelled, strutting slab of sex, booze and fast cars. A raucous celebration of hedonistic excess, it’s ten songs of pure escapism, a middle finger to the mundane existence of everyday life.
In comparison to Scott’s sleazy, bad boy growl, Johnson shrieks as though someone’s just stabbed him in the eye with a fork, while the Young brothers provide the frenzied solos and guitar riffs that spiral around him at an alarming rate. Sure, a lot of the songs sound the same and, despite being their best album, the prowling riff for ‘Shake A Leg’ or ‘Let Me Put My Love Into You’ could herald the arrival of myriad AC/DC numbers. Progression aint one of the band’s strong points, but hey, why mess with perfection?
Of course, along with ‘Highway To Hell’, the raunch of ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’, anthemic air punching of ‘Hells Bells’ and the unstoppable, instantly recognisable riff of ‘Back In Black’, have become AC/DC signature songs - as synonymous with the band as Angus Young’s school uniform, duckwalking and perpetually raised arm.
But it’s ‘Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution’ that always caught this writer’s ear. The whole anthem sums up the swaggering, stomp of AC/DC’s pleasure seeking attitude. And as Johnson screeches “Forget about the past / It’ll always be with us / It’s never gonna die”, it’s clear just how fitting a tribute for rock’s wild man, Bon Scott, ‘Back In Black’ was and still is the biggest sex-soiled party that rock ever threw.
Words by Dannii Leivers
AC/DC - ‘Back in Black’
Released: 25th July 1980
Producer: Mutt Lange
Brian Johnson - lead vocals
Angus Young - lead guitar
Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Cliff Williams - bass guitar, backing vocals
Phil Rudd - drums, percussion
1. ‘Hells Bells’
2. ‘Shoot To Thrill’
3. ‘What Do You Do For Money Honey’
4. ‘Given The Dog A Bone’
5. ‘Let Me Put My Love Into You’
6. ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’
7. ‘Have A Drink On Me’
8. ‘Shake A Leg’
9. ‘Back In Black’
10. ‘Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution’
1980: In The News
- John Lennon is shot dead by Mark Chapman outside his flat in New York.
- Ronald Reagan becomes President of the United States.
- Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham dies of alcohol poisoning.
1980: The Albums
-The Birthday Party - ‘The Birthday Party’
-Talking Heads - ‘Remain In Light’
-Iron Maiden - ‘Iron Maiden’

Monday, 5 July 2010

The AC/DC Burger

Ever been daydreaming and wondered what would constitute the ingerdients to an AC/DC themed hamburger? Well wonder no more as you can find the answer and an instructional video (complete with Mutiny Within’s cover of Highway To Hell as recorded particularly for us) inside!
* 1 LB Black Angus ground beef
* 1/2 tsp of Thyme
* 1/2 tsp of Garlic
* 1/2 tsp Oregano
* 1/2 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
* A Whole Lotta Rosemary!!
* Slices of Colby and Pepper Jack Cheese
* 1 package of soft potato rolls
* 2 TSBP Soft Butter
* 1/2 tsp Jalapeno Oil
* 1 half pint of Australian beer for Bon Scott!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

At Donington AC/DC prove rock's not dead with a mighty show

AC/DC playing at Download after many years of rumours, AC/DC finally turned those rumours into reality and signed on the dotted line for a headline slot at Download Festival 2010. It is clear that a band as legendary as this don't actually need to play festivals as I'm sure they could sell out venues of this size just on their own. So being AC/DC part of their stipulation for playing was that they would be allowed to bring their own stage and set up.

Once in the main arena you could look the regular Download main stage then attached to that was another stage which was just as tall and wide as the main stage but this had two huge inflatable schoolboy red caps with horns protruding from the top of either side of the stage. These schoolboy caps even had a big letter 'A' emblazoned on them just in case there might be some misunderstanding about which stage was which. The AC/DC stage had a huge runway stretching into the middle of the audience. AC/DC opened their set with some video footage of at rain on the verge of crashing, when the train crashed on the video monitors, a real life sized model of the front of a train crashed through the back of the stage and that lead nicely into the opening track 'Rock N Roll Train'. AC/DC explained that they had come to party, and sure enough by the time they had reached the third song 'Back In Black' it was clear that the band had come to prove a point that rock music is far from dead.
As you would expect AC/DC did all of their trademark stage antics, with Angus doing his famous duck walk down the runway and Brian Johnson swinging from a huge bell for 'Hells Bells' and an inflatable 50 foot Rosie tapped along to the drum beat during 'Whole Lotta Rosie'. And of course for the finale canons were rolled out to fire whilst the dying notes of 'Those About To Rock (We Salute You)'. My personal highlight was seeing AC/DC perform 'Thunderstruck' with nearly one hundred thousand people singing along with them, it was one of those rare Donington memories that I will always treasure. So after 7 years of rumours, I can thankfully say it was worth the wait, rock bands don't get much better than this and it will be a very long time before AC/DC play Download Festival again, if they ever do play it again.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Thrill download AC/DC

FOURTH headlining AC/DC have made a record appearance at the Donington extravaganza.
Rockers the ancient have changed their live routine very little since they first made top billing in 1981.
But now when ANGUS YOUNG does his on stage striptease and moons the crowd, he leaves his boxer shorts at full-mast, perhaps because his bum has become wrinkly and he doesn't want anyone to see.

The same guitar solos he plays- note for note - that he did a generation ago.
AC/DC still bash a giant bell for Hells Bells, still unleash roaring pyrotechnics for Highway to Hell, and still inflate a giant doll of a fat Tasmanian hooker for Whole Lotta Rosie. The songs, for the most part, remain the same and so does the script.
But the 100,000 capacity crowd adored it and AC/DC - who hold the record for headline appearances jointly with IRON MAIDEN - have discovered a new generation of fist-punching fans.
Why change the formula when you sell more albums than U2?
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE followed AC/DC's Friday night show with top spot on Saturday.
The marxist metallers - vindicated by bank collapses and corporate scandals - closed their set with their Christmas number one Killing In The Name.
In song they were joined by 100,000 denim n' leather clad rockers who roared the impressive "you I won't do what you tell me" outro.

Friday, 28 May 2010

AC/DC and Vaya Con Dios play Poland

Belgian group Vaya Con Dios is appearing in Zabrze, southern Poland, Thursday night, while Australian rock veterans AC/DC are billed at Warsaw’s Bemowo airfield.

The Silesian audience at the Music and Dance Stage in Zabrze will have the opportunity of listening to such nostalgic hits as “Don’t Cry For Louie”, “Puerto Rico” or “What’s A Man Without A Woman”.

Hard rock enthusiasts in Warsaw will have a treat with “Highway To Hell” and a long list of favorites they last heard back in August 1991 when AC/DC performed in Chorzow Stadium, down south.

Some 50,000 tickets have been sold for the open air concert in the capital. City transit authorities in Warsaw set up special bus lines to shuttle the fans between the Central Rail Station and the Bemowo suburb

Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Back Ice Tour.

Two weeks from today, the Black Ice Tour makes its triumphant return to North America when it rolls into Vegas, but this week the band continued to enjoy some time off while continuing to prep for the shows. Good luck to all those who entered to win tickets, whether you donned a superhero cape and did the duck walk or dubbed yourself "The Weirdo" and dressed up in a questionable "costume." While you wait to find out if you won, the Acca Dacca action just keeps coming.

For European fans, this summer's list of Black Ice Tour dates grew even larger, as the band added two June dates in Spain to the calendar--one on June 26th in Seville and another on June 28th in Bilbao. Tickets for both these shows go on sale April 22nd at 10am (local time). As usual, at the same time that tickets go on sale to the general public, will hold a members-only Fan Club Onsale from a separate allotment with reserved seats and general admission tickets for these shows. Head over to the Tickets page for more information. If you're not a member but want to take part, join today for ticket access and more AC/DC that you can 'shake a leg' at.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Wheelchair Fan Skewered At AC/DC Gig

A quadriplegic man has been seriously injured at an AC/DCconcert after his friend hit the joystick of his motorised wheelchair, catapulting him into the mosh pit.
Witnesses said a metal pin used by the 31-year-old man to manoeuvre objects embedded in his eye as his chair crashed more than a metre to the floor of Brisbane's Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre.
The venue is facing criticism for not placing a proper barrier in front of the wheelchair podium.
The platform had side and rear barriers, but the only barrier at the front of the podium was a strip of timber and plastic caution tape.
The incident happened as more than 45,000 fans enjoyed the legendary Aussie rockers' second of two sold-out shows in the city.
The man's friend accidentally struck the joystick with his hand, and the wheelchair shot forward and fell off the platform.
A witness said the man's friend was "shattered, just devastated by what happened".
Paramedics immediately attended to the injured man, a former truck driver who was paralysed in an accident.
A hospital official said the man is out of intensive care but remains in a serious, but stable condition.
Stadiums Queensland, the organisation which controls the venue, issued a statement saying it was aware of the incident and was investigating.

Monday, 1 February 2010

AC/DC Win First Grammy Award

Pigs DO fly after all... AC/DC won a Grammy Award tonight for "Best Hard Rock Performance of the Year" with the track 'War machine' from the album "Black Ice." Also nominated were 'Check My Brain' [Alice in Chains], 'What I've Done' [Linkin Park], 'The Unforgiven III' [Metallica] and 'Burn It to the Ground' [Nickelback].

They lost to Green Day for "Best Rock Album of the Year," the second category they were nominated in along with U2, Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood and the Dave Matthews Band. AC/DC had been nominated for a Grammy several times in their 36-year career but this was their first win