Wednesday, 29 December 2010

AC/DC 2010's Top Concert Draws

Bon Jovi was the world's top concert attraction in 2010, despite a soft market for live music and weak sales for the band's most recent album. The New Jersey rockers sold $201.1 million worth of tickets through the year, with sales split almost evenly between shows in North America and the rest of the world. The tour currently ranks as the 9th highest grossing in the history of the North American market.

Other top concert draws for 2010 included Metallica, Michael Buble, the "Walking with Dinosaurs" arena show, Paul McCartney, the Eagles, and Roger Waters' production of The Wall. Waters' staging of the classic Pink Floyd album came in second place for the North American market, selling $89.5 million worth of tickets for 35 dates.

Bon Jovi posts the highest grossing world tour of the year, followed by AC/DC, U2, Lady Gaga and Metallica. The New Jersey rock group gained the title after topping the $200 million mark worldwide, earning $108 million from its North American world tour dates alone, according to figures released Tuesday by Pollstar, the concert-tracking publication.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Australian hard rock band AC/DC

Singer 'Perfect Day', she is known about her version of pop songs she said, I’d consider singing a track by the Australian hard rock legends, whose typical lyrical themes include loose women, drinking and hell".

According to the newser spokeman, "What about AC/DC, Australia's biggest rock band? Could you ever do a cover of their songs?"

Susan 49 years old said, "You want? You got, let's move. No problem, come on lads, I'm ready when you are. I'm headbanging as well."

She did take the band's songs 'Ballbreaker', her song ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ has sold over seven million copies, by the Rolling Stones her sing a version of ‘Wild Horses’.

She said: “For me, it's not about album sales or chart positions. It is that the people buying my music are enjoying it. I don't want it to end and I want them to keep enjoying my music."

AC/DC are the famous rock band in Australian which their sales album at least 200 million. His second biggest album for selling 'Back In Black' and he is also famed for their guitarist.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Rock AC/DC Family Jewel Exhibition

THE AC/DC band remember to open in Darwin today may have been described by former front man Bon Scott. In Darwin as part of its national tour the AC/DC Australia's Family Jewels exhibition has stopped.

The item of this Jewels exhibition more than 400 items which including videos of concert and music, sweaty and smelly T-shirts worn on stage by the band, An Angus Young SG custom model Gibson electric guitar from 1992 also including in the exhibition.

For Those About to Rock tour cannon from 1982, Young's stage costumes including a red silky devil kit from 1975 and a blue velvet school uniform from 1988.

At the Museum and Art Gallery in the free exhibition runs until 27 February at 9am to 5pm in weekdays and 10am to 5pm weekends and public holidays.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

AC/DC Star Treated Unfairly?

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is speaking out about the situation.Following his conviction for cannabis possession in a Tauranga, New Zealand court Wednesday morning.

Rudd believes he is being treated unfairly by authorities who convicted him for possessing 27 grams of cannabis.

"Give me a fair go," he told SunLive during an interview at his home Thursday. The offence was discovered by police when they executed a search warrant on Rudd's launch at the Tauranga Bridge Marina on October 7.